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A girl needs a dog.

I think I mostly post things about feminism, dogs, and Parks & Rec, but I try to sometimes post cool thangs too.

My interests include galavanting with canines, spinning yarn into gold, discussing evangelical feminism with humans, and scanning sheet music into PDF files.


reminder: ferguson and palestine are still happening and are still important even though there’s less attention being paid to them right now

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"Elmo is with his good friend, Lupita. They are talking about all the great things about their skin. For example, Elmo’s skin just happens to be very ticklish. Lupita’s skin happens to be a beautiful brown color. Skin can come in all different shades and colors. Isn’t skin just the best? However, ticklish or smooth or black or brown or white or tan, be sure to love the skin you are in." 

I love this. I LOVE THIS. I love this. Children need to see this. Adults need to see this.

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